Monday Morning Motivation, August 7, 2017

A simple yet powerful prayer

Many scholars have written on prayer. Countless sermons have extolled its virtues. But few theologians or preachers have written as simply, beautifully or effectively as the writer Anne Lamott. Her book Help, Thanks, Wow: Three Essential Prayers gets right to the point. Prayer is not about fancy phrases, or so-called "deep" recitations. But rather it's just about assuming a posture of humility, gratitude and wonder. In prayer there is no need to front like we've got it all together. Nor should we act as if the things that we have accomplished are solely a result of our own power and might. So, when we come before God acknowledging our own limitations, our need for help, and appreciation for the things God has already accomplished, large and small, it should leave us singing, "God, you are a wonder to my soul!" That's a powerful prayer!